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Everest Trade - Ultimate Qd Concrete Floor Paint & Sealer - Internal & External - Light Grey -No Anti-Slip 5Litre

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Quick-drying formula
Available in a wide range of colours
Anti-slip textured semigloss finish (With anti-slip option)
Semi-gloss finish (Without anti-slip option)
High build formula
UV resistant
Excellent resistance to cracking, flaking and blistering
Great foot traffic resistance.
Can be used externally!
Excellent colour retention

Everest Trade - Quick Drying Ultimate QD Concrete Floor Paint & Sealer is a single pack, quick-drying, low odour paint and sealer with the option added silica particles* for an effective anti-slip coating. Designed to give a durable, easy clean protective finish to concrete interior and exterior floors, slabs and other concrete surfaces.

Everest Trade Paints new acrylic-based concrete paint and sealer gives great durability, foot traffic and impact resistance while providing a nice decorative semi-gloss finish with its high colour retention and UV resistance.

This also gives some protection against solvent, salt and water damage.

Especially suited for exterior and interior concrete surfaces such as slabs, block paving and concrete floors that require a refresh.

Also ideal for garages, driveways, patios, internal concrete floors and external concrete areas.

Made in England with Premium Acrylic Resins.

Ensure all surfaces are sound and clean, free from dust and flaking paint.
Ensure surface is completely dry and free from condensation and damp.
Remove any loose or flaking paint.

If bare or unpainted concrete is being painted it is strongly advised a base coat of "Everest Trade Quick Drying Floor Primer and Sealer" is used to get the best results as the primer will provide a penetrating base coat for the topcoat to anchor to, this will ensure good adhesion of the paint.

Can be easily applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer to all concrete floors, polished or power floated will need to be etched / scarified prior to application to minimise the chance of delamination. This paint cannot be applied over oil/solvent-based paints, it may react. (Ensure this product is compatible with your type of floor before application). Can not be used on concrete with protruding natural stones as it will struggle to adhere to the natural stones due to porosity.

Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Black, White, Magnolia, Classic Cream, Bright Red, Brick Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green and all standard RAL and BS colours if ordered in bulk.

Click here to view the colour chart.

Approximately 6 - 8 square metres per litre, this can vary widely based on surface porosity.

Store away from heat and naked flames. Secure lid between uses to prevent paint hardening.

Can be let down with water if needed. Not Recommended.

Ensure all surfaces are sound and clean, free of algae and moss.
Ensure the surface is completely dry and free from condensation and damp.
Remove any loose or flaking paint.

We recommend ordering all the paint required in one order so you receive the same batch, Ordering on different dates will result in receiving different batches which may result in a shade difference.
This is fine if you are planning on using the different batches on different coats, However, it's not recommended to use on the same coat.

*only if the anti-slip option is selected.