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Everest Trade - Concrete Dustproofer / Floor Primer & Sealer - Solvent Free - 5Litre

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Effective concrete dustproofing
Durable concrete sealer
Low odour and solvent-free
Will not blister or peel, hardens & seals concrete
Gives additional protection to concrete surfaces
Resists oil and stain penetration
Easy to apply with a roller or sprayer
The recommended products used to apply this product are in the description below and highlighted in Blue.

Everest Trade Paints - Concrete Dustproofer is a solvent-free, quick-drying concrete sealer with a low viscosity formula which provides a highly effective coating to prevent dust formation on new and existing concrete floors while providing low down-times and low odour application.
Solvent FREE concrete dustproofer that helps prevent dusting on porous concrete surfaces. It's frequently used to seal and prevent dust on concrete on garage floors and industrial floors.

Easy to apply by a roller or sprayer, gives additional protection to concrete surfaces.

Ideal for use as an undercoat prior to application of Everest Quick Drying Floor Paints on bare concrete floors in industrial, commercial and domestic areas due to its ability to penetrate deeper into the substrate providing a better surface to for the floor paint to adhere to and reducing the risk of delamination.

This product SHOULD BE USED as the primer and sealer for all our quick-drying floor paints for both internal and external applications.

However, if you're just planning on using this as a sealer without the intention of applying a topcoat we would recommend the Everest Trade Paints Polyurethane Concrete Sealer instead due to its highly durable base type or Everest Trade Paints Ultimate Concrete Sealer if you require a quick-drying, extra durable coating.

Suitable for use as an undercoat for Floor paint on internal and external concrete floors and also a durable concrete sealer.

It is easily cleaned and will withstand regular washing. Also resistant to most stains and oils.


First coat: Approximately 5 square meters per litre.
Second coat: Approximately 7 square meters per litre.
This is a rough estimate and varies depending on the condition of the driveway/floor and amount applied with each coat.

Under normal conditions, Sealer is touch dry in approximately 2-4 hours.
Do not drive on the surface for 24 hours after the last coat.

Brush, Roller, or Sprayer.
We have compatible application tools Here.
Make sure the surface is 100% dry and free from any moisture or contaminants before application. Do not apply if there is any chance of rain.

Apply only one coat if being used as a primer prior to application of our floor paint, 2 if being used solely as a sealer/dustproofer.

Store away from heat and naked flames. Secure lid between uses to prevent sealer hardening. Store away from frost.

Thinners aren't required with this product, warm soapy water can be used for clean up.

Ensure all surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

If applying on exterior surfaces, please ensure no rain is forecast and the surface is dry before application.