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Everest Trade - Block Paving Sealer - High-Performance - Premium Polyurethane Sealer 5 Litre

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Provides a high-performance seal coating
Highly durable polyurethane sealer
Provides a premium satin finish
Can be used in industrial and commercial environments
100% UV fade resistant
Harden's sand joints to prevent weed formation
Prevents moss, algae and lichen formation
Long lasting and made with premium polyurethane resins

Everest Trade high-performance block paving sealer is a solvent-borne, premium polyurethane resin-based sealer and jointing sand stabiliser with exceptional effectiveness. that will provide a heavy duty, long lasting clear seal coating with a satin / wet look finish.

Its penetration comes about by solvent evaporation, penetrating into the blocks and bind the particles of sand to form an elastomeric joint and protect the paver face from oil and water infiltration.

The sealer prevents moss and weed formation when applied correctly, joints should be re-sanded for optimum results.

100% UV light fade resistant, resistant to tyre plucks and resists oil stains and water damage.

Suitable for - commercial, public or industrial premises with heavy to extremely heavy traffic, this product is also perfect for use on residential driveways for customers that want an extra hard-wearing product.

Maintains performance life of the pavement. Yields significant whole life cost savings and reduces interim maintenance.

Suitable for use on concrete block paving, brickwork and concrete. Not suitable for clay pavers.

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It is easily cleaned and will withstand regular washing. Also resistant to most oils.

First coat: Approximately 4 square meters per litre.
Second coat: Approximately 6 square meters per litre.
This is a rough estimate and varies depending on the condition of the driveway and amount applied with each coat.

A third coat can be applied to give a more wet look finish if required.

Under normal conditions, it is touch dry in approximately 3-4 hours.
Do not drive on the surface for 24 hours after last coat.

Brush, Roller, or Sprayer.

Sprayers will provide the best results due to the being less chance of interfering with the sanded joints.

Rollers and brushes are fine for application, be careful when going over joints for best results.
We have compatible application tools on our website.

Make sure the surface is 100% dry and free from any moisture or contaminants before application. Do not apply if there is any chance of rain.

Store away from heat and naked flames. Secure lid between uses to prevent sealer hardening. Store away from frost.

Thinners aren't required with this product, use white spirits or proprietary brush clear for cleaning.

Ensure all surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from oil and grease and there are a couple of days of good weather so there is no chance of rain during application.